We repute for possessing a specific combination of technical and soft skills which makes us a perfect match various clients.


Digitalization is as much about technology as it is about policy, society, and business. We assist businesses, government and organizations undergo a digital transformation, not just a technological one. We posses the skills to understand both social processes and technical solutions to them. This is the core ingredient in implementing social projects that involve technological elements.

Development Consulting

We easily respond to unprecedented changes in technology and analytics because as a team we combine both developmental and technological skills. We are curious and credible puzzle solvers, with a mission to help governments, businesses and individuals make the most of technology for sustainable development.

Survey Tailor

Survey Tailor is a cloud-based home CATI software that helps research and data collection businesses undergo a total digital transformation in the changing world. It is a local product for solving global problems. You can either 1) commission a survey from us, 2) rent the software as a service, or 3) ask us to build a custom survey software for you.

Project Design and Management

As creative thinkers, we understand well the importance of planning projects properly. Knowing the context of the Western Balkans in details, we offer in-dept knowledge, devil’s advocate sensibilities and honest approach that would save you energy, money, and time. We get things done.